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Civil Rights/Criminal Law

We use our resources to hold wrongdoers accountable, fearlessly standing up to powerful organizations and systems in order to achieve justice.

Civil rights cases are notoriously difficult and require the expertise of seasoned attorneys. At The Johnson Firm, our experienced team has a long track record of strong advocacy leading to historic change and justice for victims of discrimination.

Our cases involve advocating for the legal right to due process for wrongfully incarcerated individuals, protecting survivors of sexual assault and discrimination who were deprived of equal work and learning environments, and fighting against racial and gender discrimination at schools and in the workplace.

For those individuals involved in the criminal justice system, our firm has in-depth experience in Excessive Force, Wrongful Conviction/Arrest, Prisoners’ Rights,  and Appellate matters in State and Federal Court concerning those who have experienced injustice.

As trial lawyers, we are passionate about advocating for your rights and forging a more just and equal system. We fearlessly stand up to powerful organizations and systems in order to uphold equal justice for all.

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