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Family Law

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We are experienced in all divorce-related issues. Other family matters we handle include paternity and prenuptial agreements.

The decision to divorce is usually just the first of several difficult decisions that involve children, finances, property, or all three. Litigation is not always the answer and is best viewed as a last resort.

Resolving custody, support, and property disputes outside of court can limit costs, both emotional and financial. Rather than relinquishing control of your family’s future to a third party, control of the process and the terms of your agreements lies with you.

Our goal at The Johnson Firm is to resolve matters through negotiation and mediation. We have experience helping families make decisions, reach agreements, and move forward. However, when reasonable agreements are not achievable, we do provide divorce litigation.

We represent clients on all issues related to divorce, including Property Division, Custody, DFS/DHS Child Abuse Investigations/Dependency proceedings, Child Support, Visitation, Guardianship, Spousal Support, tracing of separate property, and paternity. We also handle other Family Law matters, including those involving prenuptial agreements.

The Johnson Firm represents clients in Divorce and other Family Law matters in the Delaware and Philadelphia region.

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